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We have just visited the best coffee pod machine online shop in GCC.

حبوب كاملة

LAVAZZA 250g Qualita Oro coffee beans

EXP 30/05/2022

25 SAR 36.95 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Remained 4

LAVAZZA 250g Qualita Oro coffee beans

Qualità Oro - Perfect Symphony Coffee Beans

A unique combination of 6 varieties of Arabica beans from amongst the finest of Central and South America, expertly crafted and perfectly blended. The perfect symphony for a superior taste every time, since 1956.

100% Arabica


AROMA: Floral and fruity notes

TASTE: Sweet and long-lasting

Intensity: 5

Roasting: Medium

Aromatic notes: Flowers, Fruit, Honey

25 SAR 36.95 SAR
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